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Audrey House, 16-20 Ely Place, Holborn, London, EC1

Location: Holborn, London, EC1

Value; £1,700,000

Size: 5,000 sq./ft

Completion Date: May 2003

Client: Blue Ribbon Asset Management



Project Team: 

David Liddell

A strategic approach for both landlord and end user created an additional 5,000 sq./ft. of floor space, allowing valuable existing tenants to be retained and provided an attractive environment to new office tenants.

With a clear glass roof to the ground floor reception and new courtyard space, glass floor lights between floors, this £975,000 project took just six months to complete.

Within Audrey House, we also reconfigured and expanded Gibson’s the shipbrokers and traders offices. We programmed this £750,000 refurbishment around Gibson’s so they were able to trade throughout the works.

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