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Quadrant Centre, Swansea, Wales

Location: Swansea, Wales

Size: 440,000 sq./ft.

Client: CIN and Swansea City Council



Project Team: 

Simon Hastings, Chris Corner

The 440,000 sq./ft. Centre was always a successful shopping centre, being sited next to a thriving Swansea Market and annexed to the Swansea Bus Station. However, at the time that Colman Architects was asked to look at the scheme, it was apparent that it was looking dated. As well as needing improvement in the Malls, the entrances were extremely weak and it did not demonstrate the presence of such a large retail offer.

The roof of the Centre, formed in yellowing polycarbonate sheeting, was replaced with a new glazed structure, bringing daylight into the mall and resolving the rain and snow ingress that occurred with the previous design. The new design also allowed a greater degree of temperature control within the unconditioned Malls.

The entrances to the Centre were extended with low, contemporary entrance canopies, the whole entrance elevations opened up to show the retail malls within and the Centre was given a new identity through its new colour, lighting and floor schemes.

To further enhance the main square of the Centre and introduce a food offer, a café was created in the new space at first floor level overlooking this focal point. The additional A3 space made use of secondary administration areas within the Centre and an infill of double height Mall within a new floor, thus an additional asset was created at minimal construction cost.

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